UCCF Library and Archives project

This was undertaken at the beginning of November 2017 sorting out the UCCF archives consisting of the past records of UCCF itself and the wider Christian Union movement.


This has been partly catalogued on CollectorZ by Richard and Norma Waller and is being worked on further by a local helper.


6 members of CLIS attended the working party from 30 November – 3 December. We listed the contents of 97 boxes of archival materials and sorted the holdings of periodical runs. A lot of work remains to be done to deal with the main UCCF committee and council minutes, individual CU archives and the photograph collection.

Richard has also drawn up an Archiving Policy for UCCF to follow.

Future plans

We recommend further CLIS working parties in 2018 to deal with the remaining archives and to catalogue the rest of the library collection; we have requested UCCF to suggest a list of dates so that these can be arranged. However we do recommend the employment of a professional archivist to index the contents of the archive.