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Christian Librarian Archive. Our journal “Christian Librarian” is Open Access after a rolling one year. You will find links to recent previous full text issues of “Christian Librarian” in PDF below:

No 60 Spring 2013 – includes Robert Hicks: Lost Christian Letters of the First Century; and David Matsveru: Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Namibian Pastors 

No 61 Summer 2013 – includes John Waddington-Feather:  E-Readers and Hedgehogs; Shirley Sinclair:  The Thirty Eight Villages and Lin Ball:  Torch Trust: Vision for People With Sight Loss

No 62 Autumn 2013 – includes Richard Waller: On Fire? Volunteering With  Flame Christian Local Radio; Heather Lewis:  Am I Just a Librarian?  Preparing to Make a Change in Career Path; and Donald G. Davis, Jr.:  Retirement: What Good Is It? 

No 63 Winter 2013 – includes Graham Hedges: From the Middle Ages to Middle Earth; Diana Guthrie:  C.S. Lewis: Meeting People Where They Are; and Beth Avery: Libraries and their Communities 

No 64 Spring 2014 – includes Michael Ward: Imagination, Reason, Will; Kathy Hillman & Larisa Seago:  Alive and Available; and Malcolm Walker:  Come Over and Help Us 

No 65 Summer 2014 – includes  Graham Hedges:  Between Heaven and King’s Cross; Eddie Olliffe:  Literacy Matters –  and Libraries Matter Too; and David Matsveru:  My Call  into the Ministry of Theological Education

No 66 Autumn 2014 – includes: Eddie Olliffe: The View from Atlanta; Diana Guthrie: Annual General Meeting Minutes for 2014; Derek Jowett: Escaping from the Bustle of London; Karen Hans & Anne MacRitchie: Speaking Volumes Awards; and Neil Hudson: Losing the Plot But Trusting the Author.

No 67 Winter 2014 – includes: Eddie Olliffe: Leicester: Visiting the City of Richard III; Louise Manners: Travel Broadens the Mind; Graham Hedges: Save Souls, Grow Saints and Serve Suffering humanity; Diana Guthrie: The Thread of Redemption; Philip Thornborow: Making the Connexion: Methodist Archives; and Peter Brierley: Resources for Making Better Decisions.

No 68 Spring 2015 – includes: Eddie Olliffe: Living Like Heaven on Earth; Louise Manners: Faith in Bahrain; Janice Paine: The Narnian Christ; Mary Barker: Listen with Mother for Adults; Jill Barber: Telling our Stories; and Tony Collins & Penelope Wilcock: A New Strategy for Christian Fiction.

No 69 Summer/Autumn 2015 – includes: Eddie Olliffe: London Book Fair; Robert Foster: K|ndred Spirits; Diana Guthrie: Challenges at Home and Overseas; Beth Avery: Assessment in the Library; Alison Barr: Element of Redemption; and Rachel Johnson: Just a Re-Write?

No 70 Winter 2015 – includes Eddie Olliffe: Best-Selling Christian Authors; Robert Foster: What Am I Reading?; Janice Paine: Spurgeon’s College Library; Diana Guthrie: Digging Deeper into Christian Thought; Diana Edmonds: Outsourcing and Privatisationl Emmanual Oladipo: Famine in the African Church.

No 71 Spring 2016 – includes Donald Drew: Holding Up a Mirror to Nature: Some Thoughts on Literary Criticism and the Purpose of Literature.

No 72 Summer/Autumn 2016 – includes Christian Librarians celebrate 40 years; Derek Jowett: UCCF Uncovered; Kevin Carey: Role of the Christian Librarian in a Theologically Turbulent Age; Dr. John Andrews Remembered

No 73 Winter 2016  – includes Eddie Olliffe: Good Health; Graham Hedges: Silence in the Library; Diana Guthrie: Christian Librarians Sent to Coventry; Louis Hemmings: Poet With Clay Feet; Nick Spencer: Doing God: Ten Years and Counting; William Morris: What Does it Really Mean To Be A Christian in the Workplace?

No. 74 Spring 2017  – includes Eddie Olliffe: Push Open the Door; Robert Foster: Libraries and Churches; Karen Hans & Margaret Keeling: Faith and Fiction; Kim Walker: Senior Information and Research Officer; Sarah Etheridge: Help! I Run the Church Library; Paula Renouf: Speaking Volumes for Fifty Years; and Christopher Norris: Jolabokaflod Comes to the UK

No. 75 Summer 2017 – Includes Eddie Olliffe: Render to Caesar; Robert Foster: Tyndale House Reflections; Diana Guthrie: What Future for the Library & Information Professions?; Graham Hedges: “Keep Looking Up” at Tyndale House; Lorna Collins: Shadowing Greenaway; and Nick Page: Martin Luther and Mass Media

No. 76 Autumn 2017 – includes: Eddie Olliffe: The Call of God; Robert Foster: Holy Island; Norma Waller: Four Days Without Flagging; Michael Gale: E-Books and the Theological Library Sector; Susan Bates: Non-Traditional Information; and Paula Renouf: Christian Books in Libraries: The Future.


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