Ask for prayer

Prayer means talking with the God who loves and cares for each of us.

The Bible teaches us to pray for each other.

We trust that God is in control of all things, including the future, that He knows us and our needs and works all things for our good. We do not promise ‘miracles’ as those are God’s work, not ours. We do promise to lift you up in prayer.

Please fill in this form, which will be sent to the CLIS Prayer Secretary to share with the CLIS prayer volunteers:

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    We would love to hear about your answers to prayer – please use the online form for requests and answers – to let us know how God has worked in your circumstances and in your heart.

    If you need further information or support, CLIS suggest that you contact the following organisations and / or speak to a local church minister:

    Tell me more about God and Christianity – online information

    Tell me more about God and Christianity – an Alpha group near you

    How can I find a local church?

    How do I become a Christian?

    Christian prayer helpline (Premier LifeLine)  0300 111 0101

    Christian prayer online form (also suggests prayers you can pray)

    Christians know God as our loving Father who wants us to talk with Him. We can come to the holy, mighty God in prayer because He has forgiven our sins – sending His Son Jesus to suffer in our place. Jesus Christ died on a cross, but rose from the dead and sent the Holy Spirit to empower Christian believers to follow Him, including helping us to pray.

    CLIS = ‘a Christian voice in an increasingly secular world’