Library Assistance

We have always been keen to use our professional skills to serve the wider Christian community and to raise awareness within the Christian community of the value of professional library and information skills.

In 1977 the South Wales Bible College asked us for help in reorganising its library and since then we have worked with many different organisations and churches, including. We continue to offer advice and practical help to Christian organisations within the UK and Eire who are unable to pay for professional staff for their library or information services or need help with a specific project.

Recent project include:

  • UCCF Library and Archives Project in Oxford
    This was undertaken at the beginning of November 2017 sorting out the UCCF archives consisting of the past records of UCCF itself and the wider Christian Union movement. See this post for full details
  • Westminster Central Hall
    Two volunteers  catalogued  the Epworth Collection, the  backlist of the Methodist Publishing House.  The collection is now open for use, supervised by CLIS secretary, Graham Hedges
  • New Testament Church of God Leadership Training Centre
    A CLIS member advised on the management of the Roswith Gerloff Archives.

This assistance is provided on a purely voluntary basis by members who have appropriate skills – free of charge other than expenses incurred.

If you need some assistance or are interested in helping, please contact Rachel Johnson.