National Libraries Day – Celebrating Libraries and Librarians

● What will you be doing on Saturday 6 February 2016? This has been designated as National Libraries Day, involving school, college, university, workplace and especially public libraries across the UK. National Libraries Day is an initiative of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and details can be found at The aim of the event is to celebrate libraries, library staff and their communities all over the UK.

● The members of Christians in Library and Information Services are encouraging their fellow Christians to promote libraries during and beyond National Libraries Day. For example, some churches may be able to include a prayer of thanksgiving for our heritage of books, libraries, and other media, during a service on the nearest convenient Sunday, or at a mid-week meeting. Library supporters might be able to say a few words about libraries during a service, house group meeting, or similar event. In addition to encouraging library use in general a congregation could be recommended to use their local public library as a source for Christian books since .a steady demand for Christian titles is one way of ensuring that such books are properly represented on the library shelves.