The Lion classic Bible

The Lion classic Bible
Andrea Skevington
Lion, £12.99, Hardback, 256p., ISBN 978-0745961064

This is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated by Sophy Wiliams. All the main stories in the Bible are brought to life evocatively and in a lively way that will appeal to younger readers, whether they are reading themselves or having them read to them. The illustrations also really bring the tales to life.

Those using it as a teaching tool will be relieved that any potentially embarrassing bits are put in such a way that awkward questions are unlikely to be asked. All the main stories and histories in the Old Testament are included as are the teachings of Jesus, his miracles and healings. The crucifixion is handled well without being too graphic. The Acts of the Apostles and St. Paul’s letters are also included as is The Revelation of St. John. It is fairly easy to find any particular story thanks to a detailed breakdown of the contents at the back. It is indeed a Bible to treasure.

Contributed by: Anne MacRitchie, MSc, who serves as CLIS Regional Representative for Scotland


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